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With This Kiss: Part One

With This Kiss: Part One - Eloisa James I liked the characters; I appreciated how they were portrayed. Grace is serious, clear-headed, and a wonderful sister. Lily is bright, sparkling, and while lovely, she is not so airheaded and selfish as younger, prettier sisters are usually portrayed in romances. Colin is obviously idiotic and can't see what's in front of his face. He is a serious man himself, and after everything he has been through, he can be forgiven for wanting brightness without complexity in his life, hence his pursuit of Lily.What I found unbelievable and ultimately made me knock off stars is the abrupt way that Colin fell for Grace. Seriously, one moment he is asking Lily and Grace's father for permission to wed Lily, and within the next few pages, he realizes that he's an idiot for not wanting Grace? Where's the development? I'm rooting for Lord John. Mmph.