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Pure (Covenant Series #2)

Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout Purely out of curiosity, I'm continuing on with what I feel like is a faint shadow of the Vampire Academy series. In this book, Alex continues on with her training, snarks off even more to Seth/her instructors/everyone in a position of power, despite knowing what's in store for her if she gets in further trouble (mindless servitude to Pures). The plot is also gaping with holes; several important plot points never got resolved in my mind. They were just presented, then seemingly forgotten about through the very end, even if they were a recurring point in the story (the mysterious servants at the New York Covenant, for one).I think my main qualm with this book is not so much that it's a copy of another series. I have no problems with that. Masterpieces are influential; great works of arts often start an entire new movement. I don't see the negativity in imitation as long as the imitation is an amazing one. My main problem with this series is the main character, Alex.Alex is such a bloody hypocrite. She loses her temper easily, she is bitchy (admittedly so to herself). She slut shames (calling a rival a skank? Not cool). She repeatedly makes terrible decisions, suffer bad consequences, and then regrets it in hindsight. And still, STILL, after everything she's done, she repeatedly makes the same mistakes, showing no signs that she has learned from her experiences or has matured in any way."I didn’t think; I just launched my shiny red apple right at her face."Yep. She didn't think. It seems to be the recurrent theme in the book.Alex's personality, actions, and beliefs are all contradictory. She is supposed to be an amazing fighter, killing three daimons on her own, yet she can barely hold her own in class.Romvi was an embarrassment to the male race, but he didn’t hear me bitching.Calling your instructor names after he beat your ill-prepared ass to the mat. Real mature, Alex.She hates her uncle and stepfather, and refuses to acknowledge the fact that she really owes much to them. Her peers and instructors accuse her of using her influential guardians and family to get out of trouble, and they're right. With all the stupid shit Alex pulls, having the Headmaster as an uncle and the Minister as a stepfather has gotten her out of trouble countless times.When the school seems to be infiltrated by daimons, Alex rebels against the restrictions placed on her and the other half-bloods, even while knowing that the Pures themselves are placed under similar rules. She chafes against the rules and seeks to break then as much as possible. While visiting the zoo, Alex sees the caged animals and observes "Here the animals are safe. Out in the wild, they’d be killing one another or being poached. I know they’ve lost their freedom, but sometimes things have to be sacrificed."Uhh...a little contradictory there, Alex? It seems like that's what they're doing at school. Aren't you being a bit of a hypocrite?The list goes on and on. Repeated mistakes, no learning, no maturation."I should’ve stayed in my room like I was supposed to. There was a reason why a curfew had been imposed. The sanctuary of the Covenant had been violated once. I’d forgotten that, or I just hadn’t thought about it, or cared.I never stopped to think."No shit, Sherlock.Despite everything she fails at doing, despite barely being able to hold her own in class, Alex is still queen of the Mary Sues. Without being even a Sentinel, she single-handedly kills daimons, furies...everything they can throw at her. Yeah, I know she's the Apollyon. There has to be some sort of realism in her development as a fighter. To flunk so badly in practice and in class and then become a superhero in the middle of a real fight? Doesn't work that way. I don't buy it.Another thing that irked me...I don't know if it's my version of the e-book that's got the spelling wrong, but the singular for furies is A FURY, not furie.I think I'm done with this series.