Khanh the Killjoy

Firespell (Dark Elite Series #1)

Firespell (Dark Elite Series #1) - Lily Parker's parents are on sabbatical teaching philosophy in Germany, and as such, they've decided to send her to a super elite school for rich girls called St. Sophia's, in Chicago. There, she is the target of beautiful, rich girl bullies (aren't they all?), and makes a friend in the quirky, unconventional (sounds familiar?) Scout. Scout seems to be hiding some secrets of her own, and Lily soon finds out that she and her family are not what they seem.This is possibly one of the most confusing supernatural stories I've read. I like boarding schools, I like paranormals. I should like this book. I do not. After reading this book, I still have no idea what the hell is going on, and who are these people anyway? The secret society and what they do is so poorly explained, and there is a half-assed romance in the story that's not even worth following. I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and will read the second book in hopes that the story will improve. Right now it's a mess and a half. There is no characterization at all, no thoughts and motivation behind the character. Lily is left almost completely undescribed, and I guess she's a normal girl? Only I don't read books about normal girls, I live the life of one. What's the fun in books, if not escapism? I want some insight into the characters, dammit.