Khanh the Killjoy

Lark (Lark #1)

Lark (Lark #1) - Erica Cope Mia has a perfect life. She is written as the stereotype to end stereotypes. She's blond, beautiful, captain of the cheerleader squad, nerdy, and nice (but not too bright where common sense is concerned, which is good, because if female protagonists were rational, we would not have Young Adult fiction). Her father disappeared before she was born, and she has a perfect family with a doting stepfather, an adorable half sister, and a loving mom. She also has a friend/crush named Greyson who's...wait for it, not who he seems!It turns out she is a half elf with the ability to heal, and her father is the king of the Light Elves. And Greyson? Gorgeous Greyson? He's been watching over Mia her entire life. Stalker much? Really, is it too much to ask that a supernatural love interest not be a stalker? There's also another guy in the scene, Jacoby, and I'm pretty sure she falls for him due to Stockholm Syndrome, but whatever. The book is nothing new, recycled old tropes and bits and pieces. The writing is not that strong, and while the heroine is not gag-inducing, she's pretty stupid at times. Don't bother.