Khanh the Killjoy

Death, Doom, and Detention

Death, Doom and Detention - Darynda Jones Darynda Jones should stick to her Graves series. I'm not feeling her YA writing at all. The first book was confusing and frustrating as hell because I was so utterly annoyed at the two stupid boys (Cameron and Jared) butting head and trying to kill each other every 5 freaking minutes. At least they mostly stopped in this book, and their fighting is reduced to glares and a general feeling of antipathy whenever the two cross paths.There's not much more to this book except Lorelei finding out that gee, even more people want her dead, even the people at her school. Her nemesis Tabi--I mean she-who-must-not-be-named is still a bitch. The twins are now surprisingly nice. Her grandparents are still keeping secrets (I really felt bad for Lorelei on this one, nobody seems to want to tell the poor girl a single fucking thing). Cameron and Glitch are still hating each other for something that happens in the past but IS STILL NOT REVEALED. I'm betting Glitch tried to have some sexytimes in the camp tent with Cameron but was rejected, and I will hold on to that theory until it is confirmed or rejected, which might not be anytime soon.Being kept in the dark is no fun, and it seems that everyone is keeping stuff from Lorelei. It's not only frustrating to the protagonist, I find myself wanting to rip the hairs from my own head out of frustration too. It's a good read, but I find myself drifting out of it midway and going off to other books, the writing is not bad, it just didn't draw me in. The plot is too much of a mess and not engrossing enough or well-written enough to keep my attention span straight.At least there's less Cameron/Jared head-butting; god that was annoying.And Jared? Can't hold a freaking candle to Reyes. Not even worthy of licking his boots.