Khanh the Killjoy

The Season

The Season - Sarah MacLean I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected to. I became a fan of Regency romance quite a long time ago, and frankly, I've gotten sick of the genre. Everything became scripted, plots have become rote, or in some cases, just nonexistent, and too many h/h I've read lately have had the personality of lukewarm dishwater. This book is a lighthearted romp through Lady Alexandra's first Season, and it is thoroughly YA. There is romance, duh, since it is about catching a husband after all, but there's not much of it and it's more playful and sweet than anything. This book's steam level barely reaches PG-13. There is a mystery plot, but it does not get bogged down, and I loved Alex's entire family and her set of closest friends.Some qualms:- ALL of Alex's brothers have titles. Unless I'm severely mistaken on peerages, only the eldest son gets the entailed titles, but not only brother Will gets the pre-ducal marquesate, but middle brother is an Earl, and youngest brother also gets a title? Unless it's entailed in some really weird way, or they each got a title bestowed upon them (unlikely at their very young age) this isn't terribly realistic.- Way too many dukes and duchesses. I swear every other character is a duke/duchess/dowager- Everyone is too perfect. Alexandra's life is largely filled with open-minded, kindhearted people. Her friends are delightful and breathtakingly lovely. It makes for some pleasant reading, but does not altogether ring true.