Khanh the Killjoy

Defiance (Strange Angels Series #4)

Defiance - Lili St. Crow, Lilith Saintcrow I would give this a 4.5 star but this series has been so enjoyable that it deserves to be bumped up half a star.What's with the covers anyway? Dru's supposed to be a curly, frizzy blonde, and the cover girl has always been a brunette who's clearly spent some time with a Chi flat iron.My main issue with this book is the first 1/5. I honestly thought I had accidentally bought the 5th book in the series and skipped over the 4th. It was like ending a Harry Potter book with a well-earned summer vacation at the Burrows and waking up in the middle of the final battle at Hogwarts with Fred and George letting shit loose all over the place.The last book ends with Dru determined to train and save Graves who has been kidnapped by Sergej and all of a sudden she's in disguise and on a stakeout and attacking a bunch of random nosferatu? And who the fuck is Nathalie? Her sudden introduction and the sudden immersion of the reader into unexpected, unexplained action, given the ending of the previous book was just confusing as hell. I had no idea what was going on.But that's all forgiven because the rest of the book, particularly the last 1/3 is kick ass. Holy shit Dru grows into herself and gains some serious balls. To continue with the Harry Potter imagery, it was like when Harry got sick of all the shit he's been through and just explodes, and man, Dru explodes spectacularly. I was jumping out of my seat cheering for the girl. Man, oh man, the ending is wonderful, and I'm going to be sad going into the last book knowing that it's the last book.