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With This Kiss: Part Two

With This Kiss: Part Two - Eloisa James In my review for Part I, I mentioned that I admire Grace's seriousness and clearheadedness.I TAKE IT BACK. I TAKE IT ALL BACK.Grace is dumb, dumb, dumb. Rationality and common sense flies out the window in this second installment (I don't get the installment thing, ELoisa James could have published this in a full-length novel, and her readers would have been more than happy to purchase it, a serial novel? Eh).This is a classic case of nice-guys-finishes-last. Lord John. Poor Lord John. The perfect fiancé got thrown over by a jackass who only realizes his feelings for Grace after mindlessly proposing to her sister. And now he's all gone and blinded himself and so Grace declares SHE WILL HAVE HIM OR NO OTHER. My god, she threw over the perfect Lord John, who is kind, handsome, considerate, admiring, need I go on, for the idiot that is Colin? I don't buy it.