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Nightspell (Mistwood, #2)

Nightspell - Leah Cypess It's terribly confusing that this is supposedly book #2 in the Mistwood series, because I came in with the expectation that I would recognize some characters or at least some elements of the fictional world on which it was based. It would be less misleading if it were labeled a standalone. As it was, I had to force myself to go back and read the excruciatingly bad book #1, and thus now have relegated myself to finish two thoroughly terrible books that are completely unrelated. And now I'm extra grouchy because I've had to read the former book twice for nothing. Oh wait, I knew a name was familiar, Clarisse is the link between the books. The only link.I don't think I'm particularly stupid, but I had trouble keeping track of the confusing and not terribly original plot. The characters were a bright point, at least two of them were; I found the relationship between the sisters complex and their dynamic interesting, the rest of the characters were as faded as the ghosts that populated this mythical world.The premise is promising enough. Darri and Callie are princesses of a plains people; to avoid war, Callie (younger sister) is sent off to be a bride in Ghostland. Ghostland is a kingdom where the dead and the living exist side by side. The dead who do not die in peace, or have some unresolved mission in their life remain as ghosts; they are able to become corporeal and are able to occasionally eat or drink. It is now five years later, Callie has grown more familiar with her new world, and harbors a deep resentment of her older sister, Darri, for allowing her to be bartered off to a strange land. Darri is sent there with their brother, to become a bride herself, this time to the prince of the land. There's just one problem, the prince is now a ghost, having been murdered a few weeks before. As foreigners to this strange land, Danni and her brothers are incredibly wary and find the idea of living with ghosts distasteful. Darri has to try to solve the murder of the prince before attempting to escape Ghostland with her siblings.I didn't like the switching POVs between the characters, it would have worked if it had been just Callie and Darri, but adding in their brother was too much. I didn't feel like he contributed anything to the plot. The ending, like in the previous book, had me scratching my head. What was the point?