Khanh the Killjoy

Roaring Midnight (Macey Gardella, #1) - Colleen Gleason DNF at 75%I hate DNFing a book, but I've been trying to read this book for a month and I can never seem to find the interest to continue, so it's time to just give it up, really. It's not even so bad as to be entertainingly so. The book was just...meh.Apparently, this is part of a series. I didn't read the previous one, but the premise of a 1920s swinger/Jazz era vampire story was interesting. I did not get lost, despite not knowing the background. I picked up bits and pieces of the vampiric family/plot throughout the way, and I don't think reading the previous books is a prerequisite to starting this one. Ultimately, this book just was neither enjoyable enough nor attractive enough for me to want to finish or continue the series.The setting is interesting; it's 1920s Chicago, we've got flappers, we've got speakeasies, we've got your knowing and overly suspicious douchebag (to me) of a reporter, Grady. He's kind of a overbearing asshole, and the kind of guy who's far too smooth and glib talker for me to trust, but Macey falls into insta-love with him anyway, and trusts him far too much for my liking.The world of the 1920s is well-portrayed. I love the little details, the clothing, the people, the places. The environment is particularly well-described.I don't dislike the main character. Macey is ok...she's got some smarts, despite being a small-town girl in a big city. She's a librarian, she's not too well-educated, but this is the 20s, after all, and I forgive her for her lack of book smarts. Macey is just a forgettable character. I can't really tell you what her personality is like because it feels like there is none.The book is too plot-driven, and not character-driven. There's no development of strengths, of weaknesses, it's ok if you want a book that doesn't require you to think. There are far better urban fantasies out there.The book is about Macey's discovery that she's a vampire hunter. I DNFed at 75%, and I don't care enough to to flip a few pages to find out what happens at the end.