Khanh the Killjoy

Fifth Grave Past the Light - Darynda Jones "His mouth sought my ear. 'You would still feel pity for me?' He nipped at my earlobe. The small amount of pain caused a sharp spike of arousal. 'I am a monster, Dutch. A demon. Unworthy of you.'"I previously claimed to hate erotica. Did I really mean that? Nooooooooo. Not when Reyes is involved. Give me more of that shit.Saying Charley Davidson is an interesting character is saying Homer Simpson's a little bald, or Mr. Burns is a little evil. It's a wee bit of an understatement. Here, we have our fifth installment of the Charley Davidson series, and I am so happy to say that Darynda Jones did not let me down (Hear that, Richelle Mead? Sometimes a formula works for a reason. Don't mind me, I'm just a little bitter over Gameboard of the Gods).There is a fine, fine...I'd say 0.1mm fine line between a character's snark that separates it from humor to dislikeable bitchiness. For me, Charley's brand of sarcasm and smartassery leans far towards the side of enjoyable. There was not a single page that did not make me think, that did not make me smile. More often than not, I laughed. Charley's character and personality will not be to everyone's taste. Some will find her irredeemably annoying; her tendency of making a joke out of everything will get on their nerves. I am not one of those people. I absolutely loved Charley in the previous books, and my unabashed worship of her continues through to this latest installment in this immensely enjoyable series. If you liked Georgina in the Succubus Blues series, let me just say, Charley is Georgina on steroids. It is snark to the extreme, and you know what? I love it.Charley Davidson, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.I love her humor.I love her foolhardiness style and her brave front during dangerous situations. It's not TSTL when it's our Charley Davidson. Never call her that.I love her complicated relationship with Reyes."I closed my eyes, tried to stop the flood of lust that rushed between my legs. Our relationship was a lot like underwear in a dryer without a static control sheet. One minute we were floating through life, buoyant and carefree. The next we were attached at the crotch."I love her habit of naming everything."Then I saw his shower. And I knew the true meaning of happiness. Two minutes later, I was thoroughly enjoying a massage beneath a waterfall made of stone and marble. I named this ingenious invention George and decided to leave my own shower, Hector, for him. Some loves were just meant to be."I love that beyond her tough as a nut exterior, she's got a heart that's softer than my Pillow Pet (a Love Puppy, for those who are curious).I love her unashamed sexuality.Reyes. Good god, that man will be the death of me. He may be the son of the devil, but he oozes sexuality. And his taste in books? FUCKING FLAWLESS, PEOPLE."Scattered on the floor was everything from George R. R. Martin and Tolkien to Ursula Le Guin and Asimov. He was a reader. And he liked fantasy and science fiction. It was like he was created for me and me alone."IF CHARLEY DOESN'T WANT HIM. I'LL TAKE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and the other 97.5% of readers, male and female, on Goodreads. I can hardly imagine a more tortured (literally and figuratively), complicated, humanly inhuman character than Reyes. His singleminded devotion to the often frustratingly pigheaded Charley is beautiful to read and swoonworthy in every sense of the word. And make no mistake, if anyone can be pigheaded, it's Charley. She's not perfect. She frustrated me at times with some pretty stupid lines of thinking. I fell in love with the son of the devil who's done all sorts of atrocious things in order to survive and you're worried about the fact that he could possibly be an arsonist? Priorities, my dear Charley. You no haz them.The plot is interesting, the mysteries episodic, like in other books, Charley is in the middle of her own case as well as pursuing other leads as ghosts appear in her life. The plot unfolds at a natural pace, doesn't jump around from A to Q to D, and never left me confused. The other characters have their cameos, Charley's dad, Uncle Bob, Angel, Cookie...etc. The recurrent cast is there, and they are delightful. The writing is spectacularly funny. You know how you can kind of tell in what mental state a person is in while reading a sample of their writing? Well, I can't imagine how much sugar Darynda Jones must have consumed while writing this, but whatever it is, I'd be happy to do my share, and show her my love and appreciation for this continued series by sending her a dozen cream-filled donuts. Do I gush? Yes, I do. Because this book deserves to be gushed over.Now, when's the next book coming out?