Khanh the Killjoy

Assumed Engagement - Kara Louise From the author's preface about this book: "It started out on paper to be only about seven chapters, but as I began to write, it grew and grew."I really wished she had stayed at seven chapters, then I wouldn't have wasted so much of my damn time reading it.I know what you guys are going to say, "You're reading a Pride & Prejudice fanfiction, you moron. Did you expect it to be good?" I KNOW THAT. I loved the original book (let's be honest, a good 90% of ladies who have read this book loved it and Mr. Darcy has become our dream ideal), and in reading fan-written alternate endings and sequels, I certainly do not expect anything extraordinary; the best I can hope for is "good." I want my fan-written P&P books to be entertaining, even sexy if it is well-written enough; above all else, I want them to be fairly true to the character, fairly true to the book, and just please, please try not to butcher the original.What I got were uninteresting characters, implausible actions, and a whole lot of preachiness and unnecessary insertion of religion. Yes, I know Jane Austen's father was a vicar. I have nothing against religion myself, but if I wanted to read Christian fiction, I'd read Christian fiction. It says something that the original written in the 19th century when religion was considerably more important in society doesn't push religion and spirituality needlessly upon the reader yet this alternative retelling does. The characters constantly pray to the Lord; Darcy himself finds inspiration during a sermon in church about a story with a leper and in some convoluted way, relates it to his own situation with Elizabeth. Try as I might, I found no way to associate the situation as a metaphor to what the actual fuck was going on in the book at that time.The gratuitously religious overtone in this book didn't ruin the book for me, but it really put me off the story and in no way improved my reading experience.The characters acted in a fashion that I didn't feel was authentic to how they were portrayed in the original book. Elizabeth went to Darcy's estate in response to Georgiana's letter, and allowed Georgiana to keep assuming that she was Darcy's fiancée in order to bring Jane and Bingley together. I found this situation absurd because:1. I don't think the original Elizabeth would have been so dishonest. Elizabeth's eyes widened and she tried to disguise her startled look. She thinks we are engaged?Miss Darcy blushed and looked down. "I know the announcements have not been made. My brother… about two weeks ago… wrote me from Rosings to tell me that he was going to propose. But do not worry; he told me that I must not tell anyone and I have not."Elizabeth glanced at Jane with a look in her eyes that told her to go along with what she was going to say.She would have told Georgiana that they were not engaged, not revealing the actual truth of what has transpired after the failed proposal, but she would not have continued on with the deception with someone she knew was emotionally fragile.2. In the book, Elizabeth decides to go to Pemberley after she receives Georgiana's letter informing them at Darcy is ill and Bingley will soon be there.Elizabeth suddenly stopped, realizing what her mother just said. Jane will be able to see Mr. Bingley again! A light began to flicker in her dark eyes. "I suppose it is a good idea, Mama."Elizabeth would not have used the grave situation to manipulate Jane and Bingley's relationship. I do not believe her nature is so calculating and devious. That sounds more like Caroline than Elizabeth.The characters in the book act strangely, Darcy himself is completely at odds with his character in the book. He gets angry one moment, and is the epitome of civility literally in the next. He is sarcastic, accusatory, aloof, much unlike the Darcy we knew and loved in the original. In Pride & Prejudice, angry and upset as Fitzwilliam Darcy is, even when unjustly accused after his first disastrous proposal, Darcy is never angry and rude towards Elizabeth. I just found his behavior here an unfathomable facsimile to the character I love in the original book.Other characters were also...out of character. Georgiana wavered from a shy, quiet, reclusive individual to one who defiantly locked herself in her room and will not allow anyone in to see her. Really? She has been raised to behave better than that, that seems more like the actions of Lydia or Kitty, definitely not the obedient character we were given in P&P. And criticizing her beloved brother/father figure when she believes he hangs the moon and stars? When in the original Pride and Prejudice, she is astonished at Elizabeth's familiarity with Darcy after their marriage? The very proper, very shy, extremely idolizing Georgiana would never do such a thing as to criticize Darcy regarding his actions:"[Darcy] began to feel uncomfortable with his sister’s insight and did not want to admit to himself that he was, indeed, proud and arrogant.'The truth hurts, does it not?' Georgiana asked gently."Nuh uh. No way.P.S. "Lizbeth" and "Will?"P.P.S. That gardenia-laced handkerchief would have stunk to high heavens midway through the book.