Khanh the Killjoy

The Stone Demon (The Iron Witch Series) - Karen Mahoney Quests are usually long-winded things. Heroes tend to find them difficult, often taking months, years; some pursue theirs for a lifetime.Donna Underwood usually completes hers in 2 days or less.It took me two books to figure this out, it was so well hidden, but I've figured out that Donna is a Mary Sue. It skipped over my mind because of the lack of emphasis on appearance that the author places on Donna, but when other things are put into consideration, that's what she is.Donna is speshul. She has an innate essence that's one of a kind, that is the key to the creation of a special object; not only that, she possesses the power to open the door to the elven and demonic world. She's so special that her powers has to be contained, and the gorgeous demonic prince wants her as his consort.She is stupid. Again, I didn't notice the Mary Sue because she is so goddamned well-meaning about it. She repeatedly puts the world in danger in order to save a few people who are special to her, only caring just a little bit that she's endangering the fate of the entire human race. Oh, and she really needs to stop using the word VIRIDIAN. We get it. His eyes are green. Stop it already.She reacts like a child in difficult situations. She states the obvious. Donna glared at him, anger winning over fear. "Why are you smiling like that?""Like what?" the demon asked, still smiling that awful smile."Like you’re crazy. Or like you've already won. Or both."So insightful...She does stupid things with disastrous consequences without punishment. Being sent to London to study under an alchemist as punishment for unleashing demons into the world? Please. She should have been exiled.She automatically knows what to do. No special task is too big for her. A deadline from midnight until dawn? No problem. Two days to solve a mystery and create an object that four orders of alchemists couldn't solve in their countless years of existence? Done. Impossible puzzles are put to her, and she solves them with a snap of a finger. Things that should take the plot of an entire book to solve, Donna does it unwittingly, or instinctively, or her mortal enemy just so conveniently hands it to her under the terms that it doesn't really matter that she holds the special weapon because the whole world is going to end anyway.So many things get handed to Donna on a platter, it bothers me, it wraps the plot up too easily. It's impossible and unbelievable, and does not make for a complicated heroine nor a plausible plot.The highlight of this book for me, was Navin. He is hilarious.The only scenes which I found entertaining were the scenes involving him, and I love that he got his own segments of the book aside from Donna. The interaction between Xan and Navin were funny, too, here are two guys who don't usually get along, but they work together for the sake of their dear friend, and their awkwardness is sweet, endearing, and hilarious.Navin ignored him. "Thanks for helping me.""I'm not helping you, I'm helping Donna.""But I know, deep down, your love for me is deep and pure."Xan snorted. "Whatever, man." The door sprung open. "Come on. And seriously, can you shut up until we've grabbed the statue? Maybe know...shut up in general."Ah, you can just feel the love. Xan/Navin. So much better than Donna/anyone.And you can just rely on him to cut the ice in a difficult situation."Do you think we can talk once we’re not in danger of drowning? Also," he added seriously, "if we stay in here for too long, you might start to rust."Without a doubt, Navin is the best character in the book.The plot was implausible and unrealistic, and as I've mentioned, things tied up too quickly and neatly. There were difficulties, but no challenges. Whatever impossible things Donna needed to accomplish, she does so automatically that there were no challenges whatsoever to overcome, even if things seemed impossible. I'm glad the ends tied up so neatly (and completely implausibly) here. With the current trend of my falling ratings for the book, the next one would have garnered a rating of one.