Khanh the Killjoy

The Sweetest Dark - Shana Abe Holy crap this was a confusing book. From the blurb, I expected something much different. I am a sucker for boarding school settings, and early 20th century England? I'm there. The boarding school and the snobbery has been done before, and better; what I didn't like was the mythology that the author was trying to build. Dragons? Stars? Seriously, someone is an actual star as in twinkling in the sky, shining and all. Did I accidentally walk into an AU fanfiction of Sailor Moon?Evil rich girls? Check. Snobby upper-class gentry? Check. Disdainful headmistress who constantly emphasizes that heroine is soooooo lucky to be there and for the love of god, try not to look too common (it's best if you read all the speech in the snootiest accent you can imagine, at least you can get some amusement out of the book, since there's not much amusement nor enjoyment from the book itself).The author was trying to do too much and ended up making a mess of it all. I was just laughing my ass off at the German/WWI mix-in. The author actually attempted to incorporate part of war history into a novel about dragon and star shifters.FYI: 1915 is so not Victorian.