Khanh the Killjoy

The Importance of Being Wicked - Victoria Alexander I enjoyed the prequel more than I do this full-length book. Winfield Elliot, Viscount Stillwell appeared in a previous novella which explained his three previous broken engagements. In that story, Win appeared to be a nice guy who genuinely wants to get married, is respectful of women, and sensitive to their needs. In this one, he is a misogynistic, pompous prick, and no, I don't think the broken engagements were not responsible for such a drastic change of characters. It's like Victoria Alexander just used the excuse of the broken engagements as a backstory and decided to change his personality when she fleshed out his character.The story revolves around the repair of Win's ancestral home, which was destroyed in a fire. Lady Miranda Garrett is a secret architect, which I find hard to believe, considering she took over her husband and his partners' business without any training whatsoever. I mean come on people, repairing and redesigning a mansion requires an architect, and we're supposed to believe that she is this genius drafter and designer without any formal training whatsoever, just whatever she gleaned from her late hubby? Please.Their attraction is inexplicable, sudden, and hard to believe for the reader. Win is a total misogynist who reacts like this: "GASP, A WOMAN MORE INTELLIGENT THAN ME? DO NOT WANT" (in the appropriate language for the time, of course). Miranda is a bitch for the sake of being contrary. I did not like the central characters at all, and did not find their interaction and conversation enjoyable. I sludged through the book for the sake of finishing it. The plot is boring, the dialogue not refreshing, witty, nor particularly poignant; in short, the book was entirely forgettable.