Khanh the Killjoy

With All My Soul - Rachel Vincent 4 but bumping it up to a 5 because this has been such a epic series. I'm very sad to see such a unique spin on paranormal end, but although highly enjoyable, this book was a little bit of a mess. But man oh man, this shit does the love triangle right. I am so sick of wishy washy love triangles in YA fiction and this book does the angst and the guilt and the sense of love/hate and friendship that remains after love just PERFECTLY. It's like a little soap opera in the best possible way, in a believable way.Throughout the entire series, I have not been able to hate a single character; everyone has something redeeming to them, a moment or moments that reveal their vulnerability and kindness and humanity. Besides the demons and Avari, all the human or once-humans were extremely believable characters; I'd go so far as to say the character-building the major strength throughout this entire series. Family dynamics, friendships, people acting in a way that's actually realistic. Those are a few of my favorite things (in fiction) and I am so very sad to see this series end. The ending is rather bad, though, it reminds me of the extended ending of the Lord of the Rings, where everyone's sitting around eating and hugging and laughing in slow-motion.