Khanh the Killjoy

Lord of Darkness - Elizabeth Hoyt Nope nope nope. The Maiden Lane series has gone on entirely far enough. There's a maddeningly huge set of characters now, I could not keep track of them all, nor could I remember which parts they had played in the past, nor remember their particular story. I've read all the previous books, but my mind is occupied with other things and I cannot be fucked to remember all their back stories, thank you very much.There's also an annoying secondary storyline relegated to setting us up for the next book, and I am so not up for that right now.The plot is interesting enough, the CURRENT Ghost of St. Giles (I swear half the men in the Ton must have been the Ghost of St. Giles at one point or another now). Willing suspension of disbelief aside, the story would have been an excellent one if the characters behaved in a way more fitting to their situation.We have read Godric's story before in the previous books. He has made an appearance in every single Maiden Lane book, and this is his and Meg's story. In the previous books, we have read about his suffering, his loyalty to his wife Clara and his unending faithfulness and love as she succumbs and finally dies of a long, debilitating, and painful illness. She is unable to have marital relations due to her pain, and Godric does not mind that in the least, professing that his love for her is so great that to have her in his life is nearly enough. For 9 years out of his decade long marriage to Clara, Godric has taken care of his ill wife, and his love for her last beyond her death.Until Meg comes back into his life (well, that didn't last long).Meg is his second wife, to whom he is forced to marry. She was pregnant, miscarried, and two years later is back in town to 1. get revenge on her late lover's murderer (who is a total douche who seduces an innocent noblewoman and then leaves her high and dry, if you ask me), and 2. to seduce Godric, because her biological clock's ticking and she wants a goddamn baby.What ticks me off about this book is that the main characters don't act reasonably. Godric tells Meg that he can't have sex with her, and then a day later goes off and does it because she's so irresistible. Bah! Meg holds a complete asshole onto a pedestal, and both characters spend much of their sexytime alternately:1) wishing it was over with2) enjoying it but NOT REALLY3) hating themselvesIf that doesn't spell romance for you, I don't know what does.