Khanh the Killjoy

The Demon Lover - Juliet Dark, Carol Goodman Really good premise (hot demon lover that comes to you every night? Yes, please!) but ultimately falls flat. Callie McFay is a little too unbelievable of a character to be true. She's 26, has a Ph.D, and is a successful author of a book on demon lovers. She's pretty knowledgeable since one has been visiting her since her parents' untimely demise when she was but 12 years old (12 years old? Ew, pedo incubus much?). Callie accepts a teaching position at a small, second-rate university in a sleepy little town mainly because she falls in love with a house and decides she wants to buy it on the spot. It turns out, the town, the faculty, the students, actually, pretty much everyone is not who they seem.I didn't like this book much because there is just too much thrown at us. It's not a problem of information overload and confusing plot, I have the attention span of a gnat and I kept track of everything just fine, it's just too much at once, and not all of it relevant to the plot. It feels like a bunch of vignettes all thrown together, each with their own plot rather than a huge mystery leading to a climax (no pun intended).Callie herself is rather colorless. She's smart, she is not TSTL, which is a definite plus, but it just doesn't seem like she is a well-developed character. There is no depth there, just someone to whom you'd be friendly, but by the end, I just feel like I'm not that attached to her. It's not a big problem, but I like being sympathetic to and actually liking the characters about whom I'm reading more. It's like I just got to know her on a superficial level.