Khanh the Killjoy

Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake I had high expectations for this book based on the first. The bar was set so high that I was inevitably let down. I did not like this book much. The creepy crawly is still there; Kendare Blake does creepy like few other authors can, it's just a lot more toned down this time around. I didn't find myself gagging upon reading a description, which is good or bad, depending on one's tastes.Cal is getting over the loss of his ghostly love, and seeing her when he shouldn't. Of course, all his friends thinks he's nuts. He is completely broken, going through his day like a zombie, much to the worry of Carmel and Cas. Carmel and Cas, now there is the two bright points in this book. Their relationship evolves, they grow into characters with their own thoughts and behavior, and they struggle. Man, I loved the two of them in this book. Cas was just boring and annoying, I missed the old cocky son of a bitch attitude he has in Anna Dressed in Blood. In this book, I just wanted to slap him and tell him to wake the f*** up. Remember how Bella was when Edward left her? God, that was a terrible book, but that was exactly how I felt Cas was acting.There's little action besides moping and whining for most of the novel. New characters are introduced, the majority of whom I hate. Even with its faults, I'd still rather read this book than 90% of the YA supernatural fiction out there.