Khanh the Killjoy

Split - Tara Moss Mak, a 25-years-old-past-her-heyday smart model with expected psychological hangups goes to Australia, only to find her best friend (really? A 19 year old best friend?) and fellow model dead, conveniently at the exact location as her latest photo shoot. She is the daughter of a Detective Inspector, and fledgling psychology student, so rather than leaving it to the local detectives, she goes off to investigate the case of the serial killer killing tall, beautiful model-like women wearing stilettoes. Nope, not terribly intelligent.The premise is good enough, but the book just didn't draw me in. Mak tries too hard, and the author seems like she's throwing a psychology textbook at us in characterizing both the main character and the killer. It wasn't terrible, but I've no desire to continue the series.