Khanh the Killjoy

A Kiss Before the Wedding (A Pembroke Palace Short Story) - Julianne MacLean Weak plot, weak characters, no passion.I'm not spoiling anything.Lady Adelaide Robins is engaged to marry a Duke very shortly. The duke is a paragon; falls in love with her at first sight, is generous to her family, and handsome to boot. But nope, the lady is question is in love with William, her childhood friend and secret love. William is the second son of a Viscount who has left for two years without a single letter to her, and who meanwhile has discovered a newfound love of medicine, a wholly unsuitable career for someone of his station. A few weeks before the wedding, Adelaide writes to inform William of her pending marriage, and lo and behold, William realizes something to the tune of "Oh crap, I never knew anyone would lay claim to my childhood love, whom I admittedly took for granted would stay there until I'm good and ready to take her. Time to make a speedy return two days before the wedding so I can snatch her away from her handsome, wealthy duke!"That was roughly the first 1/3 of the short novel. The latter has William trying to win back the hands of his beloved, and honestly, he doesn't seem to have to work too hard. More like Him - "Oh, I've loved you all along, and I thought you'd always be there for me cause who else would take you, all isolated in your dad's household like that"Her - "You jerk! I waited for you all these years---I'm getting married to my duke in two days, my whole family depends on it...Oh who am I kidding, I love you."As I stated in the beginning. Weak plot and unbelievable characters.