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30 Day Book Challenge, Day 19: Favorite Book Turned Into A Movie

Day 18 is skipped, mostly because I never set out to read a book to be disappointed. I often have reservations, but really, nobody ever goes into a book wanting to be disappointed. I read a book wanting entertainment, and it just so happens that a book let me down. If it's anything less than a 2, that's a book that's severely disappointed me.


Back to day 19.


Without a doubt, #1 is...

99% of the time, I hate rereading stuff. I hate rewatching stuff. I've read it once, I've watched it once. I know what's going to happen. Let's not do this again. I can't tell you how many times I've rewatched the LOTR trilogy, that's how much I love it. It's also one of, 3 DVDs that I actually own in a physical format. The collector's edition. The behind-the-scenes part are almost as good as the movie itself.


I need to rewatch this sometimes this year.


...And enter the second of the two DVD sets I own. This is the 1940s version, and it's by no means perfect. I mean, the lovely Joan Crawford plays "me" for god's sake. Plain, she is not. She is stunning, lovely, iridescent. Max also looks like an asshole, mainly because he's got a little moustache and I hate how it looks. Still, it's a classic, it's atmospheric, and it provides me with my desperate need for a Rebecca fix. It's still superior to any of the remakes since.


(And DVD #3) What can I say? The first was the best. It brought my fantasies to life, and spectacularly so. Daniel Radcliffe was perfect (if rather a little too sleek to be the bedraggled Harry), but my complaints are overwhelmed by the beauty of the whole damn thing. It helps that my best friend in high school (who desperately hates anything related to pop culture, and Harry Potter along with it) bought me this DVD despite his views on the series. It was one of the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me, and he got a gigantic hug and my eternal appreciation for this lovely gift.


Not a movie, but a BBC series. I loved the series of books, and this was such a lovely little series of medieval mysteries that I really need to rewatch. In that sense, the Agatha Christie mysteries and the screen adaptations are also so tremendously enjoyable.


Someone really needs to make In the Woods into a movie or a series. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH AS ROB, PLEASE, IF THERE IS A GOD.