Khanh the Killjoy

Let's see if this was as good as I remembered

Prince of Thorns  - Mark  Lawrence

This is one of my favorite books of all time, but I completely understand if anyone hates it and gives it a 1. The MC in this book is as anti-hero as you can get. He's a 15 year old kid who is a rapist and a murderer, and that makes me a hypocrite that I love this book so much while hating another one (Finnikin series) in which there is a character who attempted to rape a character (Froi).


I don't know what to say. I don't like the hero, and I do not condone his actions at all. Rape is a hideous thing, and going around murdering and pillaging villages isn't something I enjoy reading about at all. Regardless, I remembered absolutely loving the fuck out of this book when I first read it.


Let's see if I still enjoy it, 3 years later.