Khanh the Killjoy

Adventures of Love Puppy

I have several stuffed animals. More specifically, Webby, Reynardine, and Love Puppy.


This is Webby: god knows how old he is. He's squishy and loveable and the sweetest spider in the whole damn world.



This is Reynardine: he's...scary. Let's just leave it at that.



And this is Love Puppy. In the corner is Charlie the cow, who is a victim of my breakup with the guy holding Love Puppy. Charlie is now relegated to a box. We shall not speak of him again.



I lead a quiet life, as such, my stuffed animals are lonely. My sister just went back to UC San Diego today. She has an exciting life. She goes places. She does shit. I am lending Love Puppy to her. We both love Love Puppy to bits, and from now on, Love Puppy will have ALL THE ADVENTURES THAT I'M NOT HAVING. But Reynardine will travel with my sister to Korea when she goes to study abroad next summer ^_^


So here he is tonight, watching the Food Channel from a UC San Diego dorm.



Here he is, helping my sister pack for her staff retreat tomorrow:


And we'll see where he's off to tomorrow!


We also have Mushu, but let's not talk about him...



Because this is what happens when my sister and I play with each other. I end up mummified.