Khanh the Killjoy

Not drawing me in so far

Sekret - Lindsay  Smith

Ok, the execution is not good, and my inner critic is constantly screaming at me.


Yulia is psychic. She is supposed to be able to sense things through touch. This is poorly explained. We don't know when it kicks in, because sometimes she touches people and feels things, sometimes she touches an object and feels things, but she seems to be able to turn the ability on and off whenever she wants. Inconsistent.


Yulia is in a  house full of people who have various psychic abilities, some of them can read thoughts. Yulia has been kidnapped. Yulia wants to run away.


Yulia learns to hide her thoughts somewhat, but she's a fucking newbie, and she is CONSTANTLY THINKING I NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. And she's trying to be secretive about it. Which doesn't work because there are fucking mind readers in the house.




And there might be a love triangle. One of the guys is 2 meters tall. 2 meters. That's like fucking 6'6, man.


And there are inconsistencies in the timeline. The Beatles is referenced, and this is 1963...granted, they're getting to be popular, but man, the USSR? But maybe I'm just being nitpicky.


And the song California Dreamin' doesn't come out until like...65?


It's not bad, it's just not good so far.