Khanh the Killjoy

What the FUCK, does this make any sense?!

The Queen of the Tearling - Erika Johansen

This was told as a PARABLE. IT MAKES NO SENSE.


“But one day a tall man in a black cloak showed up. He said he was a healer, that he could cure the son’s illness, but only for a price: the father must give him one of the son’s fingers to appease the man’s god. The father had his doubts about the man’s abilities, but he thought it a good bargain: one useless little finger for his son’s life, and of course the healer would only take the finger if he succeeded. The father watched for two days as the healer worked over his son with spells and herbs, and lo and behold, the son was cured.

“The father tried to think of a way to go back on the bargain, but he couldn’t, for the man in the black cloak had begun to frighten him very much. So he waited until his son was asleep, then he fetched a knife and sliced off the little finger of the boy’s left hand. He wrapped the hand with cloth and staunched the bleeding. But without antibiotics, the wound soon became infected with gangrene, and the son died all the same.

“The father turned to the healer, furious, and demanded an explanation. The healer drew off his black cloak to reveal a terrible darkness, a scarecrow shape of nothing. The father cowered, covering his face, but the shape only announced, ‘I am Death. I come quickly, I come slowly, but I am not cheated.’ ”