Khanh the Killjoy

Hey, Khanh!

Strange Chemistry editor pimped your review on Facebook (can't tell if she's still bitter about you "hating" other SC novels): Ha! One of my forthcoming SC novels beat a reviewer who has HATED all other SC books. I am proud :-) She says this:

"It was rather too long and the book dragged in some parts, especially when all the underlying political plot got going.

Other than that, there was nothing that made me hate this book. There was nothing of what I despised in YA tropes, which is to say:

1. No slut shaming
2. No hating on other girls
3. No insta-love
4. No overwhelming romance
5. No love triangle
6. No Mary Sues"

That, from her, is SOLID GOLD PRAISE!

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