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30 Day Book Challenge: Day 11, Books that I hated

Also known as: Pretty much every single YA dystopian/ARC I've ever read.


This is one of those lists where I really, really have to limit myself, or else my list would end up taking several weeks to write and list.


WHY? WHY DID THIS SERIES END SO BADLY? This series was the equivalent of hearing Yo Yo Ma, as he is eventually joined by the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, accompanied by Nine Inch Nails. It was so unnecessarily complicated. The longer the series went on, the more confused I became, until the words on the page didn't even make sense. It started off as a somewhat more sophisticated version of children's fantasy. It ended off trying to be The Return of the King. I barely understood what I read.


DIS. FUCKING. BOOK. Cory knows what I'm talking about. Jack needs to be castrated without anesthetics. That fucking asshole. That misogynistic, abusive asshole. And quit it with your faux-Creole accent. That shit ain't accurate or cute. I'd call Evie a few names, too, but I'm trying to refrain from too much anger (it is a Friday night).


Also known as The Book That Shouldn't Be. Seriously, the Survivors series would have been so much better for me had this book never existed. I watched Jonny as he grew up from a little 12 year old, then in this latest installment, found out that the little boy I knew grew up into a asshole of a fucking sex offender. I wish I could erase this book from my memories. I don't know who I find more despicable, Jack or Jon.


Twilight. It was Twilight set in Ireland. Only it was fanfiction of Twilight, which makes it 1000000000x worse.


Need I say more?


Mary Sue of an MC and her sycophantic boyfriend. Bethany Church is an angel (literally). But she's the stupidest angel ever, sent to live on Earth to bring joy, goodness, and humanity to the dredges that is humanity. She falls in love with a human boy and naturally there's a love triangle when the Big Bad Boy from Hell falls in love with her too. Naturally, she resists all his Big Bad Temptations and maintains her Virtue. Fucking shove it.