Khanh the Killjoy

I hate to say "She's just like me"

Cracked  (Soul Eater #1) - Eliza Crewe

But well...SHE'S JUST LIKE ME.


Oh my god, I found myself snorting through my nose at this chick's antics and internal monologue. If I were a possible half-demon soul-eating girl-monster-thing, I would totally be Meda.


Holy crap, I am flying through this book. Loving this SO MUCH. Meda is fucking awesome, man. She's got twice the amount of Rose Hathaway's kick-assery and half of Charley Davidson's snark.


She uses her tears as weapons against a poor unsuspecting boy. I giggled my way through her pretense at innocence. There's no insta-love. There's hardly any romance at all, so far.


"The new attendee, a man, crouches in the doorway. Well, not really a man, a human teenager. One of God’s most misbegotten creatures – big like grown-ups and yet dumb like children. Selfish, moody, reckless, with a tendency to sleep too much and complain too often."




The boy has a tendency to want to be a knight in shining armor and kick-ass Meda is snickering at him behind his back, all the while taking advantage of his innocence.


"Bahahahahahaha. He thinks I’m a Beacon. I look down to hide my twinkling eyes. Bad day or not, that’s hilarious.

“It’s OK. You don’t have to be scared, I’ll protect you.”

Big brawny man, protect this damsel! I try to look angelic and helpless – Beacon-ish. The haircut and the blood can’t be helping. Fortunately he seems particularly thick. “And wh– what are you, exactly?” My voice is sweet. Timid. Awed."

Ok, we're not completely the same. She laughs with a "bahahahaha." I laugh with a "bwahahahaha." But we  both cackle.

She is me. The end.