Khanh the Killjoy

So this happened today, over on Goodreads

And this is my story. I know the girl, we have been talking for awhile. She got my sympathy, she needed an ear to listen, and we became friends. I allowed her to text me.


Before I knew it, she had requested ARCs from me. And she mentioned requesting ARCs from someone else. And then I realized that she had been doing it IN PUBLIC. I warned her that it was illegal, I sent her one ARC because I felt bad for her (we've all been there, a new blogger gets rejected often). I didn't do it again, and I turned her down after she asked me repeatedly. She kept on doing it, over and over and over, AFTER I TOLD HER IT WAS ILLEGAL.


Apparently, she didn't limit her requesting of ARCs to just me and another, she kept asking others, who told her that it was illegal. She kept on doing it. Up until LAST WEEK, she was still doing it, I know, because I have been PMing people and asking.


And now she feels like she's the victim. And she's only sorry she got caught.


I've been talking to Faye about this, and she very courageously decided to PM Shoujo and tell her to stop. Shoujo, instead, chose to make this public. And this is what we get.


Needless to say, I'm PISSED.


I am the one Shoujo asked for a Kindle. It was not done jokingly, she strongly hinted that I should buy one for her for her birthday.