Khanh the Killjoy

I'm home! And I got a troll! This is a great day!

That was a much longer hospital stay than I anticipated, and a much more disastrous one. My surgery was more difficult than the surgeon expected, so first they decided to keep me til Thursday, which sucked badly enough, considering I had been expecting to come home on Tuesday afternoon. To make it worse, while I was raising my bed so I could eat my food (delicious jello and chicken broth, -_-), my iPod charger, which I had tied to the bed so it wouldn't fall, ripped and broke. So I was internet-less all of yesterday. Which spurred my decision to beg and beg my surgeon to return home early.


Thankfully he agreed.


I came home to a lot of loving messages, and this...not so loving one. So random. I don't know where these people find me.