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Belated update, but this is part I of my epic summer adventure with my sister

My sister is home from summer, yay! This is a belated post and I'm sorry I've been flooding your feed because I mainly update to GR these days and I haven't touched BL at all :(
I've been crazy busy at work. I got a promotion, and I'm busier than ever. I've hardly had time to read, but I'm trying. I've been trying to get out more, and so far this summer, my sister and I have been getting up to all sorts of crazy (well, not really) hijinks. This is a few weeks back, on a grand adventure to Dana Point Harbor.

When I was in 5th grade, we read this book called Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana. Today, Dana Point Harbor took on his name, and my 5th grade class took an overnight trip there, staying on board the replica of Dana's ship, the Pilgrim.

It was fucking miserable. There I am, in the foreground, with the gray coat. We lived the life of a sailor in the 1840s. It was horrendous, and I'm glad it lasted just one night. We ate pig slop, AKA gruel. We slept in old, smelly bunk below deck. We got up at various shifts throughout the night to stand watch, staring into nothing in the frigid cold. I was so cold that my teacher took pity on me and gave me her coat.

Needless to say, my experience going back to Dana Point Harbor was a lot better this time around. My sister just returned for the summer, and before she goes back for summer school, we're going to have epic adventures every week. Last Sunday, our target: Dana Point Harbor.

It really is a lovely place. The harbor is packed full of boats.

There's a yachting club.

And my sister whoring out her new DSLR.

There is a tiny, tiny strip of beach for sunbathing, called, rather appropriately "Baby Beach."

And here is the dreaded Pilgrim. It's a lot smaller than I remembered.

We didn't get to go on board. The Pilgrim is only for educational purposes, and I don't think it's open to the public, but we did get to see it and step onboard a play "deck" next to the ship.

The gift shop was also a lot smaller than I remembered. I bought a small white whale, Adelaide, there, when I was in 5th grade. I sadly can't find her now because she's stuffed inside a giant cardboard box inside my house.

But we did have a lot of fun with a giant turtle.

The baby beach isn't the only beach around there, obviously. Here is a view of the beach nearer the wharf. The view is spectacular.

Then there is the boardwalk, with a ton of adorable touristy shops.

We saw a geode shaped like a penis.

Then, after all that walking, it was time for food. It's a sea food day, meaning "see food, eat food." We went to a Cajun crawfish place. The damage: a sack of corn, a basket of Cajun fries, 1 pound of mussels, 2 pounds of shrimps.

We can eat our weight in food. LOOK AT THE CARNAGE.

And that's not all. After we've had a few hours to digest, we went out for snow ice. It's flavored ice blocks shaved into a fine, fine, did I say fine powder snow. It's then topped with stuff. We got red bean, condensed milk, mango poppers (little balls that pop in your mouth, releasing a delicious liquid. That sounds so dirty), and green tea mochi.

I told you we can eat.

I probably gained 5 pounds, but not a single fuck was given that day. Stay tuned, next weekend, we are going to Crystal Cove =)